About Us

Our design focuses on relaxed tailoring pieces with an effortlessly chic Parisian feel. Taking an elevated approach to timeless wardrobe staples, each design is an every-wear piece that can be worn for day or night with the right styling and accessories.

A contemporary fashion label focused on creating the timeless, versatile wardrobe for the modern day woman.

Drawing inspiration from her many talents and identities - designing everywear, everyday pieces that can be transformed from desk to dinner, weekday to weekend, casual to celebratory. Her style essence, defined by how she shows up to the world, how she empowers herself and lives true to her values.

Inspired by the quintessential ‘French Wardrobe Philosophy’, our design seeks understated sophistication unfazed by trends and undefined by age.

Our ensembles are thoughtfully designed and artfully crafted for the woman today; confident, creative and contemporary — and who seeks capsule essentials of unassuming versatility and elegance, in minimalist classics with fuss-free comfort.  

Relaxed tailoring is our defining cut - a juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity; liberating yet powerful.

Rescaled proportions that lean towards subtle tailoring and softer constructions built with more fluid fabrics, the two traits that tie together an extremely comfortable yet contemporary look, suitable for day-to-night wear.  

Our design focuses on subtle details emphasising silhouettes that flatter most body shapes.

Such as skirts and pants with a mid-high waist and tapered straight midi to maxi length to create curves and an elongated profile, or shirts and dresses with a more structured shoulder line and streamlined bust-to-waist proportions for a sharp yet sensual outline.


Resonating an ethos of sustainability and timeless fashion, our processes reflect modern sensibility through marrying aesthetics and functionality with sustainable fashion consumerism.

Each design is thoughtfully considered to provide endless versatility.

From how we design; focusing on everyday, everywear designs that can be worn many times and in different ways and matches most of your wardrobe.

Each fabric or haberdashery is consciously handpicked to ensure impeccable quality.

From how we source; focusing on high quality fabrics and haberdashery that we handpicked ourselves, and using end-of-roll fabrics.

What are End-Of-Roll fabrics? And why do we use them for our Limited Edition collection? These are often the remains of a big order that a factory made, or a custom order that a design house created. This excess, usually in 100 to 500 metre rolls, will normally go to waste but there are textile traders who will take in these high quality fabrics and make them available to smaller labels like us. And we love that we can use these fabrics to make rare, last pieces of something beautiful and unique that meet our standards for both quality and positive environmental impact. 

Each garment is inventively sewn to express discernible tailoring.

From how we sew; focusing on closed seaming which is more sturdy and neat for most of our designs. It also prevents fraying, and the garment can last longer. Especially areas like the arm hole, sleeve and most seams.

Each piece is responsibly produced to limit unsought quantity.

From how we produce; focusing on small quantities to avoid unsought production, and more importantly, to maintain uniqueness and quality.